Rise Up has been developed by Urban Saints and South West Youth Ministries (SWYM); two well-respected Christian organisations sharing the same passion to see Christian young people become the new generation of leaders in our churches and communities.

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What is Rise Up?

Many churches and Christian youth groups want to release their teenagers into leadership and service, but are unsure how best to achieve this. Rise Up can help by providing a comprehensive leadership development programme for teenagers, with mentoring at its heart.

Taking place from November through to the following July we provide training, resources and support to bring out the leadership potential in Christian teenagers as well as helping them develop in faith and Christian character.

Rise Up is currently only available in South West England but we are planning to expand to other regions of the country in the future.

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This website will not be updated for a while as we explore how Rise Up could be developed nationally.

For all information about Rise Up in SW England for 2016-17 please click the link below:

"I did Rise Up last year and I find it really hard to express just how valuable it was for me. I learnt so much about God, and about myself and was so encouraged by my mentor. I really value all the time  she spent investing in me, encouraging me and listening to me!

The Rise Up Hub Days were always fantastic. They challenged me in new ways and to be able to talk about this with my mentor was really beneficial."

Becky, age 18

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